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We thrive on the generosity of our members, who contribute their time, their talents, and their income.

This generosity enables us to continue serving our community in many ways: through innovative and meaningful worship; social and community-focused programs and our vital support to nonprofit organizations in our community.


First Presbyterian


When you give to
First Presbyterian Church

you become a partner in what we're doing, and more importantly, a partner in what God is doing through us.



Mobile App

Quickly and easily give to First Pres via a smartphone. You can set up recurring or one-time donations. Choose whether to log in or donate as a guest. Securely and conveniently manage your donations using TouchID, PIN, or password. GivePlus is hosted by the Presbyterian Foundation.  Download Details: GivePlus Video  or Faqs Pdf


Time and Talent

Giving of your time can include attending worship, participating in church school or youth group, or other church events. God gives us all individual talents, skills we can use to serve others and the church.  Possibilities include: Singing or Playing Instruments, Carpentry, Painting, Construction, Hospitality, Organization and Cleaning.


Donate Online

Our online giving program is hosted by the Presbyterian Foundation. The Foundation employs PCI Compliant security. None of your financial information will be stored on the church’s website. You do NOT have to create a user name and password to make a contribution. However, if you plan to make more than one contribution, you will save time by setting up an account. Just click on the "Create Profile" button and all of your information will be saved.


In Person

You can contribute to our weekly collection during morning worship. You can drop off a check at the the church office or you can mail one made out to "First Presbyterian Church"


Gifts of Stock

By giving an appreciated stock or fund you may receive the charitable contribution deduction AND avoid the capital gains tax that would be incurred if you sold the stock and sent in cash.  The steps are simple and can be easily handled by your financial advisor. Please note: First Presbyterian does not provide tax advice, please consult your financial professional.

1) Notify Michelle in the Church Office of your gift by email at michelleb @

2) Have your broker transfer stock to:
UBS DTC:  0221
JA06053 First Presbyterian Church

3) Instruct your broker to email finance @ when the securities are transferred.

“It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:25)

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